Monday, December 8, 2008

Trust in the power of Truth

The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (the "Angelicum") remains committed to preserving the heritage of St. Thomas Aquinas as a vital force in theological scholarship and learning and in the wisdom of classical Roman Catholic theology in light of the II Vatican Council in search of "Veritas" --the motto of the Order of Preachers. The University is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church in its effort to offer theologically and philosophically grounded pastoral solutions to the problems confronting the modern world.

This International Ecclesiastical University plays a key role in the theological as well as pastoral formation of Church authorities, religious and lay leaders from all over the world, especially those from the developing world and missionary lands; and serves as a vital force in theological scholarship. It counts among its distinguished alumni the late Pope John Paul, the Great.

Current enrollment is 1,200 students from 90 countries. Most of the students come from the United States , India , Poland and Italy , and they are taught by 150 Dominican friars and sisters, diocesan clerics, men and women religious from a wide variety of congregations, and lay men and women professors from 30 different countries all imbued with the Dominican spirit of "contemplata aliis tradere." The official languages of this international university are English and Italian. At the Angelicum one truly experiences the catholicity of the Church.

Today, the University is noted especially for its faculties of Canon Law, Sacred Theology, and Thomistic philosophy.

A distinguishing element of the Angelicum is its attention to the student where the rapport between students, professors and personnel is one of respect and cordiality and of mutual learning. Within this framework, the Angelicum offers personalized study plans and supplementary services as diverse as Italian language courses, tutorials, scholarships, financial aid, and Internet access. While preparing for lives of service to the Church and society, most of the clerical, religious and lay students are sustained by the generous support of our University's friends and benefactors.

We thank you for your on-going support of the Angelicum through your prayers and donations.