Friday, February 13, 2009

CATTEDRA TILLARD: Chair In Ecumenical Studies

The Lutheran-Roman Catholic Theological Dialogue - History, Main Themes, Achievements

Prof. Dr. Günther Gaßmann

(3 credits)

Mon. Tue. Wed. 15.30-17.15 (2-25 March, 2009)

With the entry of the Catholic Church into the ecumenical movement enabled by Vatican II and international and national bilateral theological dialogues between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Churches radically changed relationships between the two communions have been initiated. The course will consider the history of the Lutheran-Catholic dialogue so far. It will study and evaluate the main results of this dialogue in the form of agreed reports on the Eucharist, the ministry of the Church, the nature and calling of the Church, the new Catholic appreciation of Martin Luther, and the doctrine of justification. In conclusion the still dividing issues will be identified as well as the positive influence and impact of the dialogue for Lutheran-Roman Catholic relations in different parts of the world.

Lectures of the professor, discussion in class, reading and preparation of texts by the participants, concluding test.

All the relevant texts have been published in the two volumes: (1) Growth in Agreement, Reports and Agreed Statements of Ecumenical Conversations on a World Level, ed. by Harding Meyer and Lukas Vischer, New York and Geneva: Paulist Press and WCC, 1984. (2) Growth in Agreement II, Reports and Agreed Statements of Ecumenical Conversations on a World Level 1982-1998, ed. by Jeffrey Gros, Harding Meyer and William G. Rusch, Geneva and Grand Rapids: WCC Publications and William B. Eerdmans, 2000. Italian translations are published in: Enchiridion oecumenicum, dialoghi internazionali, vol. 1, 1931-1984, Bologna: Dehoniane (EDB); 1986; ibid., vol. 3, 1985-1994, 1995; ibid. vol. 8, 1995-2005, 2006. In addition there will be suggestions for reading and summaries by the Professor (handouts).