Saturday, October 23, 2010

Benvenuto/ Welcome BBQ 2010

Of Friars and Barbequers...

Friars, priests and lay-people, speaking different languages, in a discreetly illuminated cloister, whose fountain harmoniously blends the sound of its gently falling water to the soft Italian background music and the aroma of tender chunks of meat right off the grill – that was the Welcome BBQ 2010.

Students got acquainted with each other and with their tutors, as well as with other Dominicans from the community over mouthfuls of delicious food, while Fr. Crosthwaite moved from table to table checking that all was well. And he succeeded at that! Everything was just perfect: the ambiance, the conversations, the accompaniment…and above all the mouth-watering BBQ! The only thing that probably ran short was the virtue of temperance. The friars of the community joined the BBQ after concluding vespers, and so, those who were already into their fourth helping were obliged to serve themselves once more – so as not to keep the poor friars alone!

Finally, when it was time to wind up, one question was heard on the lips of many of the newcomers: “How often do they do this?” A question that Fr. Crosthwaite and the Angelicum need to think about...they need to do this more often!

Fr. Joshua Sequeira, E.P.
Angelicum Student