Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angelicum professor appointed to the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission

Associate Professor of Sacraments & Ecclesiology in the Faculty of Theology, Robert Christian,OP, was appointed by the Vatican to the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission III (ARCICIII).

The official dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion is undertaken by  the Anglican – Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, and the Department for Unity, Faith and Order of the Anglican Communion. The dialogue has taken place over forty years, in two phases of the Commission.
The co-Chairmen and co-secretaries of the new phase of the Anglican – Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC III) have drawn up a plan for the first meeting of the Commission. This will be hosted by the Monastery of Bose, northern Italy, from 17 to 27 May 2011. The new phase of ARCIC’s work was mandated by Pope Benedict XVI and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, at their meeting in Rome in November 2009.

The co-Chairmen are the Most Reverend Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham, England (Roman Catholic) and the Most Reverend David Moxon, Archbishop of the New Zealand dioceses (Anglican).
The task of this third phase of ARCIC will be to consider fundamental questions regarding the ‘Church as Communion - Local and Universal’, and ‘How in communion the Local and Universal Church comes to discern right ethical teaching’. These interrelated topics emerged from the Common Declaration of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The international membership of this new phase of ARCIC represents a wide range of cultural settings, and brings to the Commission a variety of theological disciplines.

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