Sunday, January 29, 2012

Congratulations Venerable English College! Ad Moltos Annos!

The Venerable English College, a seminary in Rome for the formation of priests for the dioceses of England and Wales, is celebrating its 650th. anniversary. The seminary was only founded in 1579, but there has been an English presence on the site in Via di Monserrato since the establishment of the Hospice of St Thomas of Canterbury in 1362, making it the oldest English institution outside England.

The Angelicum has been privileged throughout the years of having students from the English College. We are grateful for the presence of Msgr. Philip Whitmore [Westminster]; Luke de Pulford [Southwark]; Benjamin Woodley [Westminster]; Tristan Cranfield [Arundel & Brighton]; Liam Bradley [Menevia]; Daniel Etienne [Lancaster], Michael Patey [Northampton] and many more during this academic year.

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