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Women's Health, Maternal Health and HIV/AIDS and their relation to the Dignity of the Human Person

Please Join the World Youth Alliance for
An Inaugural Seminar

Examining the Public Health Evidence and Data in

 Women's Health, Maternal Health and HIV/AIDS
and their relation to the Dignity of the Human Person

Saturday, 24 March, 2012 | 9 AM to 5PM (17,00)

The Angelicum | Largo Angelicum, 1
A cocktail reception will follow at 17,30 in the evening
Sala Colonne, Angelicum
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We are especially grateful to the staff of the Angelicum and the current Vice-Rector, Fr. Michael Carragher OP, for their gracious hospitality.
Thank you.

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Sarah Flood Beaubrun is a Saint Lucian lawyer with a strong reputation in Saint Lucia, the Caribbean, and internationally as a persuasive defender of human rights and dignity. She was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 1997 and re-elected in 2001. She served approximately eight years as a Government Minister: first as the Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations, and subsequently as the Minister of Home Affairs and Gender Relations. During this time, she oversaw multiple programs including the construction of the first new correctional institution in Saint Lucia in over 100 years, the complete upgrading to international standards of the main intake area of the island’s primary medical institution, as well as the creation and establishment of both the first women’s support center for abused women and first Mother to Child HIV prevention of transmission program in Saint Lucia. Under her focus and leadership she inspired awareness on the ignored issue of treatment and incarceration of the mentally challenged in Saint Lucia, leading to the establishment of a new mental health institution. In December 2006 Sarah Flood Beaubrun was selected as Saint Lucia's first female Speaker of the House of Assembly, and in September 2008 she was appointed Deputy Permanent Representative for Saint Lucia at the United Nations in New York.
Paloma Durán, Ph.D.
Paloma Durán holds Ph.Ds. in Law, Canon Law, and Political Science, and has written many books and articles on Human Rights & Social Rights. She participated in many UN and European meetings as academic, expert, and adviser. She was Counselor for Human Rights and Social Affairs in the Permanent Mission of Spain to the UN during 2001-2004. During that time, she was the main negotiator for resolutions of the UN on Human Rights & Social issues, and was also the main negotiator on those themes in UN-New York during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union (2002). She was one of six experts chosen for the Working Group of the Council of Europe on Affirmative Actions and helped author the report approved by the Council. She is currently Full Professor in the Department of Theory of Law at the University Complutense Law School (Madrid, Spain).
Timothy Flanigan, M.D.
Dr. Timothy Flanigan is the Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Miriam Hospitals and Brown Medical School in Rhode Island ,USA. He arrived at Brown in 1991 to help establish a network of primary care for HIV infected individuals with a particular focus on women, substance abusers and individuals leaving prison. Dr. Flanigan developed the HIV Core Program at the Rhode Island State Prison to provide care for HIV infected individuals and link them to community based resources upon release. Dr. Flanigan is the principal investigator on The Miriam/Brown AIDS Clinical Trials Unit to develop more effective therapies for the treatment of HIV. He is also associate director of The Miriam/Brown Fogarty Program which trains and mentors overseas investigators in HIV & AIDS. Because of his dedicated work focusing on the importance of routine testing for HIV in underserved communities and his development of outstanding primary care for these patients, he was the recipient of a community health leadership award from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In 2005, he received an honorary doctorate from Salve Regina University in the United States for his support of educational opportunities for children of incarcerated parents. Dr. Flanigan currently serves on the Executive Board of the World Youth Alliance and is an advisor for WYA projects in the HIV/AIDS
Anna Halpine
Anna Halpine is the founder of the World Youth Alliance (WYA). After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Music, Anna began working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) at the UN, monitoring conference developments and participating in UN meetings and conferences. In 1999 Anna was awarded a cultural ambassadorial Scholarship from Rotary International to study German in Austria, which led her to work as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels. In the fall of 2000 Anna began to work full time as the President of the World Youth Alliance (WYA), devoting herself to promoting the dignity of the human person around the world. As president she oversaw the development of the WYA’s five Regions with offices currently in New York, Brussels, Nairobi, Mexico City and Manila and a prospective office in Beirut. Anna received her Masters in Philosophy of Religion from Yale University in 2009. In the same year she developed the World Youth Alliance Foundation to act as the strategic and management arm for WYA and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. As a key project for the WYA Foundation, Anna has developed the WYA Global Reproductive Health and Education project and is the project lead on national pilot components. In 2012 she founded and became CEO of the FEMM Foundation, devoted to the development and expansion of alternative programs and education in reproductive and maternal health.

Alberto Reggiori, M.D.
Dr. Alberto Reggiori was born in Italy in 1957. He graduated from medical school in 1983 and completed his residency in Surgery in 1988 at the University of Milan, Italy. From 1985 to 1996 he lived in Uganda with his family, participating to several health projects supported by AVSI (Italian NGO), working in the following hospitals: Kitgum, Hoima (rural and post-war areas) and Mulago – University hospital in Kampala in different AVSI development projects. In Africa he practiced medicine as clinician, surgeon, obstetrics-gynecologist and public health officer. He also collaborated with organizations devoted to the cure of AIDS. In 1996 he moved back to Italy and he has been working in the Department of General and Emergency Surgery at the Varese Government hospital. However, his collaboration with AVSI continues up to now by means of short missions in emergency or critical situations requiring medical intervention in different areas of the globe: Albania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Congo, Sri Lanka, India, South Sudan, and most recently, Haiti. He has written two books: “Dottore, e’ finito il diesel” (Doctor, the Diesel is Finished) reporting his medical and personal experience in Africa and “La ragazza che guardava il cielo” (The Girl who Looked at the Sky) concerning the life of a seropositive girl. He was among the founders of a primary school in Hoima. He has also been involved in the organization of conferences related to health care and medical education concerned with the dignity and the centrality of the person in medical practice. He is married to Patrizia, and they have 7 children.

Robert Scanlon, M.D.
Dr. Robert Scanlon Jr. is a native of Huntington, New York, where he is the Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Huntington Hospital in New York. He is on the faculty of the Hofstra School of Medicine and Director of Maternal Health Services and Board Member of Maternal Life International, Butte, Montana. Dr. Scanlon earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University in 1978, an MBA from Duke University in 1981 and an MD from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University in 1988. His post-graduate studies include a Family Medicine Rotating Internship and an Obstetrics/Gynecology Specialty residency, both at the University Hospital, Stony Brook, New York. He is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Scanlon's international work includes obstetric fistula surgical repair in Ghana and Sierra Leone with the West African Fistula Foundation and emergency obstetrical care instruction and training in Nigeria and Sierra Leone with Maternal Life International.

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