Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Student Housing

Student Accommodation in Rome

Finding Rome accommodation

The PUST Student Office can help you search for all types of short or long-term accommodation. We have properties available throughout Rome, including rooms, flats, houses to share and flats and houses for couples or families as well as list of colleges open to our students.

Want to let your property? Are you about to leave your room or flat for good? Would you recommend it to another student?  Would you like to share a flat with other students of the Angelicum?  Do you know a reliable person renting flats or rooms?

WJust come to the PUST Student Office and let us know! We can create together an updated database in order to meet our students demands.

Miriam Di Silvestre
PUST Student Office
Palazzo dei decanati
Level 1
Office Hours: 09,30-12,30
Ph. 06/6702456