Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ukrainian students of Angelicum ask to pray for their country

The country is fighting against its president and government after the violent dispersal of a peaceful demonstration.

On the 29th of November Ukraine should have signed the Association Agreement with EU. Instead the person who is now on the position of the president - Viktor Janukovich - decided that this is a good chance to blackmail both EU and Russia and receive from them money and support for his politics. As EU officials refused giving him 160 milliard euro he refused to sign the Agreement.

At the same time Ukrainians gathered on the central squares in Kyiv and other cities to show their protest against politics of Janukovich and his blackmail. The main and only demand was to sign the Agreement. The protest was peaceful and non-violent.

On 29th of November, as it became known that Janukovich failed the agreement, people decided to demand the resignation of president and government and prepare for future elections. No aggressive and violent actions were planned.

Approx.1000 people stayed on the Maidan (main square in Kyiv) for the night. Mostly - students of 17-20 years old. At 4.00 a.m. thousands of "berkut" (special police force) came and without any demands or cautions stardet beating people aggressivly. At least 30 people were injured, many were arrested.

All the country was in deep shock, people arrived to the spontaneous protest in Kyiv near St.Michael Cathedral, demanding impeachment for the president and resignation of parliament and government. Among them are ambassadors of 10 European countries and EU-ambassador in Ukraine.

On Sunday, Dicember, 1 there was a big meeting on the Maidan in Kyiv. Police said that there was 1,6 million of people. The activists occupied the main square of the country and made a tent camp, realizing the possibility of  new “berkut” attacs. There were also very big meetings in other Ukrainian cities and abroad, where Ukrainian diaspora is present. All meetings are peacefut, but there is a big number of provocators, whose task is to incite fights betweenprotesters and police to give rise to introduce a state of emergency in the country.

New violent actions can be done by police. Ukrainian citizens ask for the attention of international society. These days Ukraine needs all kinds of support.

Ukrainian students of the Angelicum university kindly ask their professors and colleagues to show solidarity and to pray for Ukraine and for people who are now in the squares.


students of the Faculty of Social Sciences,
Nataliya Marchuk
Luda Kryzhanovska
Ivan Danyliuk
Roman Kakaliuk