Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Third International Conference on Humanities "Socio-Economic Dimensions of Peace Building"

Third International Conference on Humanities "Socio-Economic Dimensions of Peace Building" 
16-17 May 2014
Tirana, Albania

"Hena e Plote" Beder University is proud to announce the organization of the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Humanities to be held in Tirana on May, 16-17, 2014.

Peace building in a broad sense, can refer to activities including education, inter-faith and intra-faith dialogue, global justice, and developing the values, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment. Peace education as conflict resolution and prevention and democracy and human rights education  plays a crucial role to establish, strengthen and solidify peace which can create trust and cooperation over ethnic, religious and other divisions.

Through productive discussions and exchanging views this conference will evaluate the changing global environment and explore how non-governmental organizations, governments and individual stakeholders can support peace building, reconciliation, and conflict de-escalation across the world.

Abstract submission deadline - 1 March 2014
You are invited to submit an abstract for one of the panels listed below:

Panel 1 - Law, Legislation and Peace Building
  1. International law, justice and peace building
  2. Law, peace negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  3. Governance and peace building
  4. Authoritarian regimes, democracy and peace building
  5. International and supra-national organizations in peace building
  6. Security, terrorism, counter-terrorism and peace building
  7. Post-conflict peace building, reconciliation and the rule of law
  8. Globalization, international relations and peace building
  9. Political psychology and peace building

Panel 2 - Society and Peace Building
  1. Civil society in building and sustaining peace
  2. Women, gender and peace building processes
  3. Post-conflict peace building: meeting human needs for justice and reconciliation
  4. Identity, culture and peace building
  5. Socio-psychological contributions in peace building

Panel 3 - Communications
  1. Communication for peace building: practices, trends and challenges
  2. Communication strategies for peace building in leaders and opinion makers
  3. New media evoking civil movements   
  4. Social media youth and peace building
  5. The role of media in peace building, conflict resolution and good governance
  6. Media policies in peace-building 
  7. International information systems and global reality
  8. Peace building language of media as an initiator of policy-making

Panel 4 - Economic Dimensions
  1. Private sector development and peace building 
  2. Business conflicts and peace building
  3. Economic globalization and strategic peace building
  4. Community reintegration of displaced persons and peace building; 
  5. Employment, empowerment and peace building; 
  6. Public finance, economic governance and peace building;
  7. Natural resource management and peace building; and 
  8. Political economy of peace building
  9. Sustainable development and peace building

Panel 5 - Religion and Peace building
  1. Religious peace building
  2. Faith based peace building
  3. Religious perspectives on reconciliation
  4. Theological contributions to peace
  5. The places of worship and peace building
  6. Interreligious dialogue and peace building
  7. Core values underpinning interreligious peace building
  8. Contributions of religious leaders to peace building.
  9. Faith communities as potential agents for peace building
  10. Interfaith dialogue activities and peace building

Panel 6 - Peace education
  1. The role of education in peace building
  2. Peace building education from peace education
  3. Education, conflict and peace building
  4. Conflict, culture and education
  5. Conflict analysis and peace building
  6. Conflict prevention and peace building activities
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Web address: http://ich.beder.edu.al/
Sponsored by: "Hena e Plote" Beder University, University of Tirana