Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Economy of Communion

Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia (RPF) has published a special issue on the “Economy of Communion” (EoC), a novel business initiative shared by more than 860 firms worldwide, committed to the common good. Drawing from empirical case studies and theoretical reflection, the issue presents the EoC as a challenging alternative to mainstream economics and profit-oriented management practices. The innovative character of EoC led it to being mentioned in the encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” (2009).

This is the first time a philosophy journal dedicates a special issue to the EoC, while open to multi-disciplinary perspectives coming from economics, theology, sociology, and anthropology. All articles are available at JSTOR and at the Publishing House website. The volume is also available as Paperback or as eBook in the journal website.

The RPF ( is a peer-reviewed philosophy journal, established in 1945, and its articles are archived in many scholarly databases and indexes.

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Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 70:1, 2014
“Economy of Communion - Economia de Comunhão”